Lin Que (born Lin Que Ayoung 7 September 1969) is a female hip-hop artist. She graduated from Cathedral High School in Manhattan in 1987. She was a member of the hip-hop collective known as the Blackwatch Movement (which included X Clan) as Isis.[1] She released her debut album Rebel Soul while affiliated with that group in 1990. On, Andy Kellman Rovi believed that since Professor X took the mic after almost every verse, it was an X-Clan album in every sense but the name.[2]According to an AllMusic Review by Alex Henderson,[3] Isis "showed a lot of potential on Rebel Soul, which proves that her rapping skills were strong and that her technique was excellent." Read more on Wikipedia.

Lumumba Carson (August 4, 1956 – March 17, 2006), known by his stage names Baba Professor X the OverseerProfessor X, or PXO was born the son of Brooklyn-based activist Sonny Carson. Carson was a founding member of the Hip hop group X Clan and was featured in nearly all songs on the albums To the East, Blackwards (1990) and Xodus (1992), right before the group went on hiatus. He released two solo albums:Years of the 9, on the Blackhand Side (1990) and Puss 'N Boots (The Struggle Continues...) (1993).

Carson died from complications associated with spinal meningitis in 2006. Read more on Wikipedia.